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Founded in 2011, Ashametrics was formed as a spin off company from the MIT Media Lab with wireless technology from another MIT spin-off company, TagSense, Inc. Ashametrics is currently focused on providing OEM hardware and software solutions for researchers, companies, and organizations that are working in mobile health. The name "Asha-metrics" literally means "measuring life" or "measuring hope" and is derived from words in Swahili and Hindi, where Ashametrics has been involved in global health projects.

What sets apart Ashametrics from other companies

Ashametrics grew out of the need for researchers to have better technology, that is not only accurate but also provides the ability for customization and adaptability. With the advent of smart phones, there are certainly many companies selling mobile apps and wireless devices. While this has generated a great deal of excitement and marketing hype, many of these technologies are targeted for the consumer mass-market and are generally useless for clinical studies or research since the user has no control over the settings, and often the data processing and technical specifications are not fully disclosed by the company.

Ashametrics technology is designed by researchers for researchers, and leverages nearly 2 decades of academic and industry research in wireless technology as well as clinical studies. While our company is very small, we offer a high degree of customization and user configurability that is not available from other companies. Furthermore, our low-overhead enables us to build technology that is more affordable, compared to equivalent high-end medical sensors. We welcome feedback from other researchers and clinicans and we continue to improve our products and provide leading-edge hardware and software tools.


Our Team

Olufemi Omojola
Co-Founder and CTO
Rich Redemske
Co-Founder and Developer
Rich Fletcher
Co-Founder and Advisor

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