Ashmetric LifeBands

Ashametrics LifeBands are soft wearable textile bands that measure physiology and transmit data wirelessly to a mobile phone or nearby PC. Lifebands can also be used to record/log data internally and downloaded later via Bluetooth or USB. LifeBands are available for the chest and the wrist or ankle and have the following specifications:

  • (Chest band only) ECG heart monitor (12-bit resolution)
  • Skin conductance (0.05 microseimens resolution)
  • Three-axis accelerometer (10-bit resolution)
  • Ambient temperature sensor (+/- 1 degree C)
  • Real-time clock with quartz crystal precision and autosync with phone
  • On-board data storage (2 GB) without phone
  • Rechargeable internal lithium-polymer battery
  • Onboard indicator LED lights
  • USB rechargable, via PC or AC adapter
  • Two-way Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Adjustable sampling rate
  • IEEE802.15.4, RFID/NFC, and ANT communication are available as custom options
  • Other sensors (EEG, EMG) available upon request

Chest Life Band

The Ashametrics Chest Lifeband features a detachable neoprene/nylon electronics pouch that snaps onto a soft washable cotton-poly fabric strap. The strap comes in two sizes (S/M and L/XL). Black color is standard.



Wrist LifeBand

The Ashametric Wrist Lifeband features a soft adjustable-size washable neoprene/cotton wrist band with a removable elecronics module. Available in two sizes, (S/M, L/XL).



Ankle Lifeband

The Ashametrics Ankle Lifeband features an adjustable-size washable neoprene/cotton strap with a removable electronics module. Available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL)



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