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Data format and Protocol Specifications:

Ashametrics provides an open API for all of its LifeBand products to enable customer and third-party companies to develop their own software and services that incorporate Ashametrics products. Click on the button below to view and download the current Ashametrics sensor band protocol document.


Download sample data files here:

PC Software:

File Converter Utility

This software is used to convert the data format on the internal SD card to an expanded file format that follows the Ashaview Mobile Phone data format.


You can view a demonstration of this program on YouTube HERE .

Mobile Apps:

Ashametrics also provides a variety of mobile applications that can be used with Ashametrics products. These are listed below.


Real-Time Data Collection

The AshaView software enables real-time monitoring and recording of physiological data. The mobile application supports simple plotting, real-time annotation, and the ability to configure all the settings on the Ashametrics LifeBands (such as sampling rate, date/time,and patient ID). Up to seven sensor bands can be connected simultaneously. Data can be downloaded to a PC via USB for post-processing. The basic version of the AshaView mobile application is available for FREE in the Andoid Market.

Data collected on the mobile phone is in stored in a CSV file format. The column headings are given by the following: Epoch time, human time stamp, version number, raw data packet, EDA-bias, EDA-P, EDA total, accel-X, accel-Y, Accel-Z, temp, N/A, N/A, Sensorband ID, Bluetooth MACID.

Currently available in the Android Market


Real-Time Data Collection in with Automatic Upload to Remote Server

The AshaLab software is designed for researchers and clinicians to collect data on the mobile phone from multiple patients and upload the data to a remote server or electronic medical record (EMR) system. The AshaLab mobile app is compatible with the OpenMRS PhysLab plug-in, which is available for free ( An example scenario is the case of a health worker with a single smart phone that is seeing many patients.

Available Soon in the Android Market


Individual Real-time Data-collection and Automatic Upload to Remote Server

The AshaLink software enables data to be collected automatically and uploaded to a remote server. However, unlike AshaLab, this program is designed for use by an individual patient who is carrying around his/her own smart phone and the data is linked to a specific patient ID record. A sample scenario is a clinical study where each patient carries a separate smart phone and wearable sensors. The Ashalink mobile app is compatible with the OpenMRS PhysLab plug-in.

Available Soon in the Android Market


Automated Logged Data-Collection and Upload to Remote Server

This application makes use of the data-logger capability of the Ashametrics sensor bands. The AshaMon software enables previously logged data to be automatically downloaded to the phone and then automatically uploaded to a remote server. A sample scenario is a project where there are many patients who are each wearing a sensor band but are not carrying a smart phone; a single smart phone running the AshaMon application can be used as a base station to download the data from all the sensor bands. In this case, the AshaMon application essentially functions as an access point, such that when the patient comes within range of the phone, the data from the band will be automatically downloaded to the phone and subsequently uploaded to a remote server. The AshaMon app is compatible with the OpenMRS PhysLab plug-in.

Available Soon in the Android Market

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